Text Input Panel Interfaces

This section contains information about the interfaces used to control the appearance and behavior of the Tablet PC Input Panel.

Note  The Text Input Panel interfaces are not Automation compliant.

In This Section

IHandWrittenTextInsertion Interface

Used by the application's custom text entry code to insert the text into both the text field and the Text Services backing-store.

ITextInputPanel Interface

Provides control over the Tablet PC Input Panel.

ITextInputPanelEventSink Interface

Defines methods that handle the ITextInputPanel Interface events.

ITextInputPanelRunInfo Interface

Provides a method to determine if the Text Input Panel is currently running.

ITipAutocompleteClient Interface

Enables the client to call the application's Text Input Panel auto complete provider object.

ITipAutocompleteProvider Interface

Manages the application's side of the Text Input Panel auto complete integration.


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