Data Synchronization

The dynamic nature of network connectivity also has a large affect on how non-local data is accessed. Because a reliable connection cannot be assumed, remote data should be stored locally for use and updated periodically whenever critical junctures are reached and when network bandwidth allows.

Vista Data Sync Technologies

Windows Vista provides two technologies to assist in data synchronization.

  • The new Client-Side Caching (CSC) enables easy caching of network files using automatic, manual or disabled modes. CSC manages the synchronization and update of the file between the client computer and the server. As an example, offline folders are implemented using CSC. A CSC API is supplied for developers to programmatically control caching.
  • An updated Sync Manager and associated API for synchronizing files and data between computers, servers, and devices. The Sync Manager has improved in a number of ways, including a new UI, integration into the shell, and an integrated conflict resolution capability. Its API has been likewise updated.

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