Title Bar

The title bar at the top of a window displays an application-defined icon and line of text. The text specifies the name of the application and indicates the purpose of the window. The title bar also makes it possible for the user to move the window using a mouse or other pointing device.

Title bars contain at least three small buttons that minimize, maximize or restore, and close the window associated with the title bar. Title bars also contain a context-sensitive Help button. Applications running in the Far-East version of the Windows operating system may also contain Input Method Editor (IME) buttons. Active Accessibility exposes these buttons as child elements of the title bar.

Supported Properties and Methods

The ChildCount property is five. The ChildCount property includes the IME and context-sensitive Help buttons even when they are not displayed. Buttons that are not displayed have the State property STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE.
The Description property of the title bar itself is: "Displays the name of the window and contains controls to manipulate it."

The child buttons in the title bar have the following descriptions:

  • "Moves the window out of
  • "Makes the window full
  • "Puts a minimized or
  • "Closes the window"
  • "Enters or leaves context-
  • "Brings up the keyboard when pressed"
The title bar itself does not support the Name property. The child buttons in the title bar have the following names:
  • "Minimize"
  • "Maximize" or "Restore",
  • "Close"
  • "Context help"
  • "IME"
The Parent property of the title bar is the main application window (ROLE_SYSTEM_WINDOW) that has the same application-defined window class name as the title bar.
The Role property is ROLE_SYSTEM_TITLEBAR. The child buttons in the title bar have the Role property ROLE_SYSTEM_PUSHBUTTON.
The State property for the title bar and the child buttons can be a combination of one or more of the following values:


The Value property is a string that is the same as the text displayed in the title bar.

Events Generated



Although an application's title bar has the State property flag STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSABLE, it never has the State flag STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED. Setting focus to a title bar object focuses the application window.

Because the title bar object does not support get_accChild, the buttons on the title bar are simple elements. They do not support the IAccessible interface themselves. The title bar object provides information about these child buttons.

Because title bars do not get focus and have no default action, the accDoDefaultAction and get_accDefaultAction methods are not supported for this control.

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