PenInputPanel.Factoid property

Deprecated. The PenInputPanel has been replaced by the Text Input Panel (TIP).

Gets or sets the string name of the factoid used by the PenInputPanel object.

This property is read/write.


HRESULT put_Factoid(
  [in]          BSTR Factoid

HRESULT get_Factoid(
  [out, retval] BSTR *Factoid

Property value

The name of the factoid used by the PenInputPanel object.

For more information about the BSTR data type, see Using the COM Library.

Error codes




This property cannot be assigned after strokes have been added to the control.


The recognizer does not support this method.


Cannot allocate memory to complete the operation.


An unspecified error occurred.


An exception occurred.


The context is invalid or the parameter is an invalid pointer.


Unexpected parameter or property type.


A factoid provides a recognizer context for ink within a particular field. You specify a factoid if an input field is of a known type. For example, if the input field contains a date, specify the Date factoid.

For more information about factoids and how to use them, see Using Context to Improve Accuracy. For a list of possible values for the Factoid property, see Supported Factoids from Version 1.

Note  String representations of factoids are case-sensitive.

This property has no effect on keypads or keyboards.

The WordList factoid is not supported for the PenInputPanel object.

The default value for the Factoid property is DEFAULT. In locales that use recognizers of Latin script, all factoids may be used. In locales that use recognizers of East Asian characters, the following factoid values are relevant:

  • DIGIT: Implies the Num bias button on the East Asian writing pad.
  • ONECAHR: Implies the Alpha bias button on the East Asian writing pad.
  • Common factoids (JapaneseCommon, ChineseSimpleCommon, ChineseTraditionalCommon, KoreanCommon, KanjiCommon, and HangulCommon) imply the Alpha/Num bias button on the East Asian writing pad.

All factoid values other than DIGIT and ONECHAR are interpreted as the common factoid that is appropriate for the current input locale.

If the Factoid property is set, it is forwarded to the recognizer only if the SetInputScope function has not also been called.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

None supported


Msinkaut.h (also requires Msinkaut_i.c)



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