CorrectionMode enumeration

Specifies the correction modes of the Tablet PC Input Panel.


typedef enum CorrectionMode { 
  CorrectionMode_NotVisible              = 0,
  CorrectionMode_PreInsertion            = 1,
  CorrectionMode_PostInsertionCollapsed  = 2,
  CorrectionMode_PostInsertionExpanded   = 3
} CorrectionMode;



The Input Panel and the correction comb are not visible.


The correction comb is shown in pre-insertion mode.


The correction comb is shown in post-insertion collapsed mode.


The correction comb is shown in post-insertion expanded mode.


When used with the ITextInputPanel::CurrentCorrectionMode Property property it allows an application to determine the current configuration of the Correction Comb.

The ITextInputPanel Interface object provides detailed information about and control of the correction mode. Knowing the correction mode helps applications determine the current size of the Input Panel. Controlling how the post-insertion correction expands in an application is one way to customize the correction experience in an application.

There are two basic modes in which the correction comb may appear; pre-insertion and post-insertion. The pre-insertion correction comb corrects text before inserting it into an application. Activate the pre-insertion mode by tapping on the pending text that appears below the baseline in the Writing Pad as the user inks.

The post-insertion correction comb is used to correct text after it has been inserted into an application. Activate the post-insertion mode by placing the insertion point in or selecting text that was previously inserted.

The post-insertion correction comb may appear either above or below Input Panel or it may appear collapsed or expanded. In the collapsed state the post-insertion correction comb only shows a list of alternates. In the expanded state it includes both the alternates and an area to rewrite the word.


Minimum supported client

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition [desktop apps only]

Minimum supported server

None supported


Peninputpanel.h (also requires Peninputpanel_i.c)