IMapPathProvider Interface

IIS 7.0

Retrieves information about a path that is being physically mapped.

class IMapPathProvider : public IHttpEventProvider

The following table lists the methods exposed by the IMapPathProvider class.




Retrieves the physical path for the current request.


Retrieves the relative URL for the request.


(Inherited from IHttpEventProvider.)


Sets the physical path mapping for the current request.

When a Web client requests a resource on a server running IIS, IIS maps the relative URL to a physical path for processing. For example, if a Web client requests a Web page at, the relative URL on the server is /default.asp, and the physical path might be C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot\default.asp.

The IMapPathProvider interface allows developers to retrieve the relative URL and physical path by using the GetUrl and GetPhysicalPath methods, or to modify the physical path by using the SetPhysicalPath method.