MMC Snap-in Node Types

MMC Snap-in Node Types

The administration console snap-in for the fax service exposes a set of extensible node types. For each of these node types, the snap-in provides a set of information that the extension can retrieve by using the methods of the IDataObject interface and the clipboard format associated with the information.

The following topics contain a description of each node type, its GUID, and the format of the information the methods of the IDataObject interface can provide to the extension.

  • Fax Device Node. This node type allows you to add device-specific behavior or properties to individual fax devices you expose.
  • Fax Device Provider Node. This node type allows you to qualify behavior that is related to an fax service provider (FSP) at a global level. It also allows you to add properties that apply to all the fax devices that an FSP exposes.
  • Inbound Routing Method Node. This node type allows an administrator to configure the behavior of a fax routing method exposed by a fax routing extension. It also allows you to configure a method listed in the fax routing methods catalog. The node covers both device-specific settings and global settings.

Routing Methods Catalog

The routing methods catalog is a list of all the inbound fax routing methods on the system. The catalog enables an administrator to configure system-wide parameters for individual fax routing methods.



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