Microsoft Management Console 3.0

Microsoft Management Console 3.0


The goal of Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is to provide a programming platform for creating and hosting applications that manage Microsoft Windows-based environments, and to provide a simple, consistent, and integrated management user interface and administration model. The MMC 3.0 SDK is a successor to the MMC 2.0 SDK, which provided an unmanaged API for creating snap-ins.

Where Applicable

The MMC SDK can be used for writing tools called snap-ins for managing Windows-based environments. The MMC SDK is part of the Windows SDK. For the download information for installing the Windows SDK, please visit Windows SDK download.

Developer Audience

The managed framework for MMC 3.0 provides a richer snap-in development experience than MMC 2.0. It presents a quick start for writing snap-ins and facilitates incremental improvement of snap-in implementations. This documentation targets .NET developers who want to create snap-ins or extension snap-ins using a Common Language Specification (CLS)-compliant language (for example, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, or managed C++) and the MMC 3.0 managed code framework, namely Microsoft.ManagementConsole.

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