Invalid Input Test

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The ifilttst.exe program reinitializes the IFilter interface with the same parameters and performs an invalid input test. This test steps through the document one chunk at a time, making function calls incorrectly—such as the IFilter::GetValue method when the current chuck contains text. The test checks all return codes for compliance with the IFilter specification. The invalid input test verifies the following conditions.

  • If the current chunk contains text, IFilter::GetValue returns FILTER_E_NO_VALUES. Then a call to IFilter::GetText should succeed.
  • If the current chunk contains a value, IFilter::GetText should return FILTER_E_NO_TEXT. Then a call to IFilter::GetValue should succeed.
  • If the previous call to IFilter::GetText returned FILTER_E_NO_MORE_TEXT, successive calls to IFilter::GetText should return FILTER_E_NO_MORE_TEXT.
  • If the previous call to IFilter::GetValue returned FILTER_E_NO_MORE_VALUES, successive calls to IFilter::GetValue should return FILTER_E_NO_MORE_VALUES.
  • If the previous call to IFilter::GetChunk returned FILTER_E_END_OF_CHUNKS, successive calls to IFilter::GetChunk should return FILTER_E_END_OF_CHUNKS.
  • In addition, the test compares the current chunk structures to those returned in the validation test to make sure they are identical.



Build date: 9/10/2012

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