Applying Filters

Note  Indexing Service is no longer supported as of Windows XP and is unavailable for use as of Windows 8. Instead, use Windows Search for client side search and Microsoft Search Server Express for server side search.

Clients call IFilter interface implementations to extract text and properties from an object. Although clients of the IFilter interface may use the interface in any way they wish, it was designed to meet the specific needs of full-text search engines. The search engine of Indexing Service breaks the results of the IFilter::GetText method into words, normalizes them, and saves them in an index. If available, the search engine uses the locale identifier (LCID) of a text chunk to perform language-specific word breaking and normalization.

This section includes the following topics.

  • Filter DLLs. A list of the dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) supplied by Indexing Service and the way you associate them to file types.
  • Controlling Filtering. A list of ways you can control the filtering process for Indexing Service.