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COM+ Transactions Tasks

While automatic transaction processing in COM+ allows you to spend more productive development time in creating and configuring objects that you want to participate in automatic transactions, there are some programming tasks you can perform to tailor transaction behavior to your application requirements.

The following topics discuss specific programming options related to transaction processing.

Topic Description

Setting the Transaction Attribute

Describes how to set transaction attribute values for your transaction objects.

Setting the Transaction Isolation Level

Describes how to set the transaction isolation levels for your transaction objects.

Setting the Transaction Time-Out

Describes how to set time-out intervals for your transactions.

Setting the Consistent and Done Flags

Shows how to use the consistent and done flags to control the outcome of a transaction.

Creating BYOT Objects

Describes how to create objects so you can Bring Your Own Transaction (BYOT).


Note   As a general rule, any component that updates persistent state should support transactions. Components that combine the operations of two or more objects into a single task should use transactions to simplify error recovery. Also, to release resources, such as database connections, transactions in COM+ should be as short as you can make them.

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