Deploying COM+ Applications

This section introduces the features in COM+ that facilitate deployment of COM+ applications. The section also describes how COM+ applications are registered in the COM+ catalog. For more information, see the topics described in the following table.

Note   For detailed procedures on deploying COM+ applications, see "Installing COM+ Applications," in the Component Services Administration Help.
Topic Description

Creating Installation Packages for COM+ Applications

Describes how to create installation packages for COM+ applications and application proxies through the Component Services administrative tool or the COM+ Administration Library.

Deploying Application Proxies

Describes how to export a COM+ server application as an application proxy through the Component Services administrative tool.

The COM+ Catalog

Describes how the COM+ catalog stores COM+ application attributes, class attributes, and computer-level attributes.

The COMREPL Replication Utility

Describes the COMREPL utility, which is used to replicate the COM+ catalog from a given source computer to one or more target computers.




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