The registry values associated with the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Ole key control the default launch and access permission settings and call-level security capabilities for COM-based applications that do not call CoInitializeSecurity.

Only administrators, the object creator, and the system have full access to this portion of the registry. All other users have read-only access.

Registry valueDescription
ActivationFailureLoggingLevel Sets the verbosity of event log entries about failed requests for component launch and activation.
CallFailureLoggingLevel Sets the verbosity of event log entries about failed calls to components.
DCOMSCMRemoteCallFlags Controls the behavior of calls from the local DCOM Service Control Manager (DCOMSCM) to a remote DCOMSCM.
DefaultAccessPermission Defines default access permission list for the computer.
DefaultLaunchPermission Defines default launch ACL for the computer.
EnableDCOM Sets the global activation policy for the computer.
InvalidSecurityDescriptorLoggingLevel Sets the verbosity of event log entries about invalid security descriptors for component launch and access permissions.
LegacyAuthenticationLevel Sets the default authentication level.
LegacyImpersonationLevel Sets the default impersonation level.
LegacySecureReferences Determines security level of AddRef/Release invocations.
MachineAccessRestriction Sets the computer-wide restriction policy for component access.
MachineLaunchRestriction Sets the computer-wide restriction policy for component launch and activation.
NonRedist Adds names to the list of files that should not be exported when COM+ applications are packaged for installation on other computers. Note that this is a subkey, not a value.
SRPActivateAsActivatorChecks Determines whether software restriction policy (SRP) trust levels are used during ActivateAsActivator activations.
SRPRunningObjectChecks Determines whether attempts to connect to running objects are screened for compatible software restriction policy (SRP) trust levels.




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