COM+ Transactions Concepts

Although COM+ handles many of the tedious programming details associated with transaction processing, it is useful to have a conceptual understanding of transaction theory when you need to program transactions in COM+.

The topics described in the following table cover the concepts that apply to transaction processing.

Topic Description

ACID Properties

Describes the atomic, consistent, isolated, and durable properties of transactions.

Configuring Transactions

Describes the transaction attribute values that you can assign to your components to determine the degree of transaction protection to be enforced.

Configuring Transaction Isolation Levels

Describes the isolation levels you can assign to your transactions, enabling you to increase or decrease concurrency depending on your performance and scalability requirements.

Managing Automatic Transactions in COM+

Overview of the automated transaction process supported by COM+.

Using Non-Transactional Components in a Transaction

Describes how to use non-transactional components in a transaction and when you would use them.

Bring Your Own Transaction (BYOT)

Describes how to allow a component inherit an external transaction.


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