Debugging COM+ Applications

Debugging techniques for COM+ applications depend on the language in which you choose to write your component.

If you code in Microsoft Visual C++, you can launch the debugger in C++ or, with a remote client, you can debug by using OLE remote procedure control (RPC) and just-in-time (JIT) debugging. You can always use the Component Services administrative tool to debug your component with the COM+ Launch in debugger setting on the Advanced tab of the COM+ application's Properties dialog box. For more information on debugging components coded in C++, see Debugging Components Written in Visual C++.

Unless you are currently debugging multithreading, component tracking, remote calls, or process isolation, you can use the Microsoft Visual Basic environment for debugging purposes. Debugging Components Written in Visual Basic describes the debugging process within a Visual Basic environment.

The topic Debugging in the Visual Basic IDE provides a general overview with guidelines, tips and a procedure on debugging in the integrated development environment (IDE).

To view more information about debugging advanced processes, see Debugging Compiled Visual Basic Components.

Note   Several limitations associated with using the Visual Basic environment to debug components with MTS have been resolved for COM+. For more information, see COM+ Visual Basic Debugging Support Contrasted with MTS.

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