Designing COM+ Applications

Whether you are designing an application for conducting online commerce, tracking information, accessing data in legacy systems, messaging, resource planning, publishing and knowledge management, or a critical LOB (line of business) application, you can enhance and streamline your middle-tier design by integrating COM+ services. The most common way to do this is by grouping components into COM+ applications.

While a complete methodology review for using COM+ in all situations is beyond the scope of this document, the following topics present information you can use when creating a COM+ application.

Topic Description

COM+ Design Assumptions and Principles

Introduces the assumptions and principles necessary to understanding how to create a distributed application using COM+.

Other Microsoft Tools for Building Distributed Applications

Suggests Microsoft technologies you can use in conjunction with COM+ when building distributed applications.

Designing the COM+ Application Using UML

Discusses the preferred design method for creating COM+ applications.

General Design Tips for Using COM+

Presents tips on designing a COM+ application.

Optimizing Interactions with the COM+ Business Logic Tier

Covers some of the best practices for communication between the business logic tier and the presentation and data tiers.




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