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Size Property (ADO Parameter)

Indicates the maximum size, in bytes or characters, of a Parameter object.

Sets or returns a Long value that indicates the maximum size in bytes or characters of a value in a Parameter object.

Use the Size property to determine the maximum size for values written to or read from the Value property of a Parameter object.

If you specify a variable-length data type for a Parameter object (for example, any String type, such as adVarChar), you must set the object's Size property before appending it to the Parameters collection; otherwise, an error occurs.

If you have already appended the Parameter object to the Parameters collection of a Command object and you change its type to a variable-length data type, you must set the Parameter object's Size property before executing the Command object; otherwise, an error occurs.

If you use the Refresh method to obtain parameter information from the provider and it returns one or more variable-length data type Parameter objects, ADO may allocate memory for the parameters based on their maximum potential size, which could cause an error during execution. To prevent an error, you should explicitly set the Size property for these parameters before executing the command.

The Size property is read/write.

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