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Position Property (ADO)

Indicates the current position within a Stream object.

Sets or returns a Long value that specifies the offset, in number of bytes, of the current position from the beginning of the stream. The default is 0, which represents the first byte in the stream.

The current position can be moved to a point after the end of the stream. If you specify the current position beyond the end of the stream, the Size of the Stream object will be increased accordingly. Any new bytes added in this way will be null.

Note Note

Position always measures bytes. For text streams using multibyte character sets, multiply the position by the character size to determine the character number. For example, for a two-byte character set, the first character is at position 0, the second character at position 2, the third character at position 4, and so on.

Note Note

Negative values cannot be used to change the current position in a Stream. Only positive numbers can be used for Position.

Note Note

For read-only Stream objects, ADO will not return an error if Position is set to a value greater than the Size of the Stream. This does not change the size of the Stream, or alter the Stream contents in any way. However, doing this should be avoided because it results in a meaningless Position value.

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