Programming Reference


Programming Reference

This programming reference for the core audio APIs in Windows Vista contains the following sections.

Section Description
MMDevice API API to enable clients to enumerate the available audio devices in the system, query their properties, and create instances of audio drivers for selected devices.
WASAPI API to enable clients to manage audio streams that play through rendering endpoint devices and are recorded through capture endpoint devices.
DeviceTopology API API to enable clients to traverse the data paths through audio hardware devices and to discover the audio controls that are located along those paths.
EndpointVolume API API to enable clients to control and monitor the volume levels of audio endpoint devices.
Structures Structures used by the core audio APIs.
Enumerations and Constants Enumerations and constants used by the core audio APIs.
Audio Endpoint Properties Properties of audio endpoint devices.

The audio core APIs are implemented in the Mmdevapi.dll and Audioses.dll system components, both of which run in user mode.

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