CommandType Property (ADO)


Indicates the type of a Command object.

Sets or returns one or more CommandTypeEnum values.


Do not use the CommandTypeEnum values of adCmdFile or adCmdTableDirect with CommandType. These values can only be used as options with the Open and Requery methods of a Recordset.

Use the CommandType property to optimize evaluation of the CommandText property.

If the CommandType property value is set to the default value, adCmdUnknown, you may experience diminished performance because ADO must make calls to the provider to determine if the CommandText property is an SQL statement, a stored procedure, or a table name. If you know what type of command you are using, setting the CommandType property instructs ADO to go directly to the relevant code. If the CommandType property does not match the type of command in the CommandText property, an error occurs when you call the Execute method.