Open Method (ADO MD)
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Open Method (ADO MD)


Retrieves the results of a multidimensional query and returns the results to a Cellset.

Cellset.Open Source, ActiveConnection


Optional. A Variant that evaluates to a valid multidimensional query, such as a Multidimensional Expression (MDX) query. The Source argument corresponds to the Source property. For more information about MDX, see the OLE DB for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) documentation in the Microsoft Data Access Components SDK.


Optional. A Variant that evaluates to a string specifying either a valid ADO Connection object variable name or a definition for a connection. The ActiveConnection argument specifies the connection in which to open the Cellset object. If you pass a connection definition for this argument, ADO opens a new connection using the specified parameters. The ActiveConnection argument corresponds to the ActiveConnection property.

The Open method generates an error if either of its parameters is omitted and its corresponding property value has not been set prior to attempting to open the Cellset.

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