Internet Explorer Error Codes


The following table lists Microsoft® Internet Explorer error codes related to Remote Data Service usage. The positive decimal translation of the low two bytes, the negative decimal translation of the full error code, and the hexadecimal values are shown.

Internet Explorer (Wininet) errors




8195 -2146820093 0x800A2003

Internet Client Error: Cannot Connect to Server.

               IDS_WinInet_               ConnectionReset             

12031 -2146816257 0x800A2EFF

Internet Client Error: Connection Reset.


8193 -2146820095 0x800A2001

Internet Client Error.

               IDS_WinInet_               InvalidServerResponse             

8430 -2146819858 0x800A20EE

Internet Client Error: Invalid Server Response.

               IDS_WinInet_               SSLPostLimitation             

8196 -2146820092 0x800A2004

Internet Client Error: SSL Error (possibly 32K data upload limitation).


8194 -2146820094 0x800A2002

Internet Client Error: Request Timeout.