DsUnquoteRdnValue function

The DsUnquoteRdnValue function is a client call that converts a quoted RDN value back to an unquoted RDN value. Because the RDN was originally put into quotes because it contained characters that could be misinterpreted when it was embedded within a distinguished name (DN), the unquoted RDN value should not be submitted as part of a DN to the directory service using various APIs such as LDAP.


DWORD DsUnquoteRdnValue(
  _In_    DWORD  cQuotedRdnValueLength,
  _In_    LPCTCH psQuotedRdnValue,
  _Inout_ DWORD  *pcUnquotedRdnValueLength,
  _Out_   LPTCH  psUnquotedRdnValue


cQuotedRdnValueLength [in]

The number of characters in the psQuotedRdnValue string.

psQuotedRdnValue [in]

The RDN value that may be quoted and escaped.

pcUnquotedRdnValueLength [in, out]

The input value for this argument is the maximum length, in characters, of psQuotedRdnValue.

The output value for this argument includes the following flags.


This is returned if the number of characters match the string used in psQuotedRdnValue.


This is returned if the number of characters do not match the string used in psQuotedRdnValue.

psUnquotedRdnValue [out]

The converted, unquoted RDN value.

Return value

The following list contains the possible values that are returned for the DsUnquoteRdnValue function.


If successful, the psQuotedRdnValue argument contains the unquoted and unescaped version of psQuotedRdnValue. The pcUnquotedRdnValueLength parameter contains the length of the character string.


Indicates an inconsistency between the length of the character string given in pcUnquotedRdnValueLength and the number of characters in the output for psQuotedRdnValue.


Indicates an invalid parameter.


Indicates an allocation error.


When psQuotedRdnValue is quoted:

  • The leading and trailing quotes are removed.
  • White space before the first quote is discarded.
  • White space trailing the last quote is discarded.
  • Escapes are removed and the character following the escape is kept.

The following actions are taken when psQuotedRdnValue is unquoted:

  • The leading white space is discarded.
  • The trailing white space is kept.
  • Escaped non-special characters return an error.
  • Unescaped special characters return an error.
  • RDN values beginning with # (ignoring leading white space) are handled as a BER value that has previously been converted to a string, and converted accordingly.
  • Escaped hex digits (\89) are converted into a binary byte (0x89).
  • Escapes are removed from escaped special characters.

The following actions are always taken:

  • Escaped special characters are unescaped.
  • The input and output RDN values are not null-terminated values.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008


Dsparse.h (include Ntdsapi.h)





Unicode and ANSI names

DsUnquoteRdnValueW (Unicode) and DsUnquoteRdnValueA (ANSI)

See also

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