DsQuoteRdnValue function

The DsQuoteRdnValue function converts an RDN into a quoted RDN value, if the RDN value contains characters that require quotes. The quoted RDN can then be submitted as part of a distinguished name (DN) to the directory service using various APIs such as LDAP. An example of an RDN that would require quotes would be one that has a comma-separated value, such as an RDN for a name that uses the format "last,first".


DWORD DsQuoteRdnValue(
  _In_    DWORD  cUnquotedRdnValueLength,
  _In_    LPCTCH psUnquotedRdnValue,
  _Inout_ DWORD  *pcQuotedRdnValueLength,
  _Out_   LPTCH  psQuotedRdnValue


cUnquotedRdnValueLength [in]

The number of characters in the psUnquotedRdnValue string.

psUnquotedRdnValue [in]

The string that specifies the unquoted RDN value.

pcQuotedRdnValueLength [in, out]

The maximum number of characters in the psQuotedRdnValue string.

The following flags are the output for this parameter.


Indicates that the correct number of characters were found in psQuotedRdnValue.


Indicates that the number of characters in the string do not match psQuotedRdnValue.

psQuotedRdnValue [out]

The string that receives the converted, and perhaps quoted, RDN value.

Return value

The following list contains the possible values returned for the DsQuoteRdnValue function.


If quotes or escapes were required, then psQuotedRdnValue contains the quoted, escaped version of psUnquotedRdnValue. Otherwise, psQuotedRdnValue contains a copy of psUnquotedRdnValue. In either case, pcQuotedRdnValueLength contains the number of characters in the RDN string.


Indicates that the psQuotedRdnValueLength parameter contains the space required, in characters, to hold the psQuotedRdnValue parameter.


Indicates that there is an invalid parameter.


Indicates that there is an allocation error.


Quotes are not added to the RDN if none are required. In this case, the output RDN value is the same as the input RDN value.

When quoting is required, the RDN is quoted in accordance with the specification "Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): UTF-8 String Representation of Distinguished Names," RFC 2253.

The input and output RDN values are not NULL-terminated strings.

To revert changes made by this call, call the DsUnquoteRdnValue function.


Minimum supported client

Windows Vista

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008


Dsparse.h (include Ntdsapi.h)





Unicode and ANSI names

DsQuoteRdnValueW (Unicode) and DsQuoteRdnValueA (ANSI)

See also

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