Groups Collection (ADOX)


Contains all stored Group objects of a catalog or user.

The Groups collection of a Catalog represents all of the catalog's group accounts. The Groups collection for a User represents only the group to which the user belongs.

The Append method for a Groups collection is unique for ADOX. You can:

  • Add a new security group to the collection with the Append method.

The remaining properties and methods are standard to ADO collections. You can:

  • Access a group in the collection with the Item property.

  • Return the number of groups contained in the collection with the Count property.

  • Remove a group from the collection with the Delete method.

  • Update the objects in the collection to reflect the current database schema with the Refresh method.


Before appending a Group object to the Groups collection of a User object, a Group object with the same Name as the one to be appended must already exist in the Groups collection of the Catalog.

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