About Working with ALinks

About Working with ALinks

When you create Associative links (ALinks), you need to first add ALink names to the topics that are the targets for the link. Then you add the ALink object to the topics you want to link from.

For example, add the ALink name pilot to several target topics. Then add the ALink object, with pilot specified in the ALink name search, to a topic you want linked to the other topics. The Alink name pilot will appear in the list of target topics when a user clicks the ALink in the topic containing the ALink object.

You can use an ALink to jump to topics in the same or other help files. The ALink target list will appear in a Topics Found dialog box when the user clicks the link. You can change this so that the target list appears on a pop-up menu. For detailed information about ALinks, see the HTML Help ActiveX control reference.

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