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HTML Help ActiveX Control Reference

The HTML Help ActiveX control reference provides information about how to use the control in an HTML file and how to set its commands and parameters.

HTML Help API Reference

The HTML Help API Reference provides information on the HTML Help application programming interface (API), which enables a program to display a help window.

InfoTech API Reference

The InfoTech API reference provides information on the InfoTech interfaces that are used by HTML Help.

HTML Tag Reference

The HTML Help tag reference provides information on HTML color values, HTML elements, HTML attributes, and cascading style sheet (CSS) attributes.

Script and DHTML Examples

The examples in this reference demonstrate how you can use scripts and Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to add functionality to your help system.

System Policies for Shortcut and WinHelp Commands

Two system policies have been introduced to address various security issues related to the Shortcut and WinHelp commands. These policies can be used to control where Help shortcuts can run on the local machine, and which programs can be launched from a compiled Help (.chm) file.

The HTML Help Registry Key

You can determine if HTML Help is installed on a computer by checking for the HTML Help registry key.

HTML Help Viewer Topics

The HTML Help Viewer topics contain basic information about how to use the viewer.

About MSDN Scripting References

Microsoft publishes extensive scripting references for Microsoft JScript, Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition, and Dynamic HTML (DHTML).


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