To view help messages

  1. In HTML Help Workshop on the View menu, click HTML Help Messages.
  2. Open the application you are testing, and use context-sensitive help.
  3. A message will appear for each API call that is sent in response to context-sensitive help.
  4. To save the messages in a text file, click Save File on the File menu in HTML Help Workshop.

Example help message text

HH_TP_HELP_WM_HELP/HH_TP_HELP_CONTEXTMENU: Control id = 1035, Help id = 1000, File = htmlhelp.chm::/cxthelp/wintype.txt.
HH_TP_HELP_WM_HELP/HH_TP_HELP_CONTEXTMENU: Control id = 1041, Help id = 1001, File = htmlhelp.chm::/cxthelp/wintype.txt.


  • To see an example of context-sensitive help in HTML Help Workshop, do step one (above), and then: open a project (.hhp) file, click Add/Modify Window Definitions. If you have not defined any already, add a new window type. Click the question mark in the upper-right corner of the dialog box, and then click a control. Note the text that appears in the View Messages window.

    Adds or edits window definitions and the general appearance of the HTML Help Viewer.


  • When viewing help messages, you can clear the message log at any time.
  • This feature only displays help messages associated with the HTML Help API. Messages for interface elements such as the OK and Cancel buttons will not appear, since they are part of the Windows API.

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