Adding a Favorites Tab

Adding a Favorites tab allows a user to create a personalized list of favorite help topics. This list is saved so it will appear each time the help file is opened. To see an example of Help Favorites, click the Favorites tab in this help file.

To add a Favorites tab to the Navigation pane

  1. Open a project (.hhp) file, and then click Add/Modify Window Definitions.
    ms670149.sb_adm(en-us,VS.85).gifAdd/Modify Window Definitions

    Adds or edits window definitions and the general appearance of the HTML Help Viewer.


  2. Click the Navigation Pane tab.
  3. In the Window type box, click the window you want, and then select the Favorites tab check box.
Note  After you add a new tab, you may want to adjust the window size and position of the Help Viewer to account for the new space the tab uses in the Navigation pane.

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