Designing Training Card Help

With training card help, you can create HTML help training card files that communicate directly with a program. The help file can send instructions to the program, or it can receive instructions from the program. Because most of the work happens in the program code, help authors and software developers must work together to create training card help.

You can use training card help to design topics that automatically guide users through tasks in a program. For example, the help topic can display the first step in a procedure. When the user carries out the step correctly, the topic automatically displays the second step. If the user makes a mistake, the program or a help topic can display a message describing the error.

A help author also can use training card help to create troubleshooting topics that initiate problem-solving actions in a program, or that enter settings in a program based on questions the user answers. Training card help can be a complex path of interconnected topics, or a single topic that contains only one call to the software program.

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