HTML Markup and the Compiler

HTML Help Workshop inserts HTML markup into topic files when you split an HTML file, or insert Associative link (ALink) names or Keyword link (KLink) keywords into HTML files. This markup information is used by the compiler to enable those features.

For example, this information enables ALinks added to HTML files to be resolved with their targets during compilation, allowing the user to click the ALink and see a list of topics.

The markup information is only used in compiled help (.chm) files. It includes a special CLASSID attribute that is referenced by the HTML Help compiler.


  • If you use the Split File command, insert an ALink name, or insert a KLink keyword into an uncompiled HTML file, it will be ignored by the Web browser.
  • HTML markup appears inside an <OBJECT> tag, which is not to be confused with the <OBJECT> tag used by the HTML Help ActiveX control.

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