To automatically generate a table of contents

  1. Open a project (.hhp) file.
  2. Click Change Project Options, and then click the Files tab.

    Specifies files, compiler, window, and other project settings.


  3. Click Browse, next to the Contents file box, and then locate the folder that you want to store your contents file in.
  4. In File name box, type a name (using .hhc for the file name extension) for your contents file.
  5. Click Open. The name of your contents file and the full path appear in the Contents file box.
  6. Select the Automatically create contents file (.hhc) when compiling check box.
  7. In the Maximum head level box, click the maximum heading level you want entries generated for in your contents file. For example, if you click 3 for the maximum head level, entries will be generated with <H1>, <H2>, and <H3> heading tags.


If you make changes to a contents file that has been automatically generated, you will lose them if you compile the project again. To prevent this, make sure the Automatically create contents file when compiling check box is cleared before you recompile.

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