About Customizing a Table of Contents

There are many ways to customize how contents entries in the Navigation pane appear, and how the pane itself appears. For example, you can:

  • Use custom images you have designed instead of the default images provided for your contents entries.
  • Add a border, plus or minus squares, a sunken edge, or other design elements to your contents window.
  • Change the width of the Navigation pane.
  • Have your table of contents display only heading level entries or all entries when a user first opens it.
  • Have the Help Viewer automatically display the Contents tab when a user first opens it.
  • Change whether the Contents, Index, and Search tabs appear at the top, bottom, or side of the Navigation pane.

If you design for a Web site or your own frameset, you can add HTML design elements to customize the file or frame you add the HTML Help ActiveX control to. You can then specify the frame name you want your pages to jump to.

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