Adding Buttons to a Help Window

The following list describes the buttons that you can add to a help window.

Hide/ShowOpens or closes the Navigation pane. Alternatively, you can display a help window without the Navigation pane, or set up your window to automatically hide the Navigation pane when it is opened.
LocateShows where the current topic is located in the table of contents. If the current topic is not listed in the table of contents, this command will not work. Alternatively, you can specify that the table of contents automatically synchronize with the topic that appears in the Topic pane.
BackJumps to the previous topic.
ForwardJumps to the next topic in a previously viewed sequence.
StopStops downloading file information. This is useful if your help system contains links to the Web. A user can click this button to stop a Web page from downloading.
RefreshUpdates the topic that is currently displayed in the Topic pane. This is also useful if your help system contains links to the Web.
HomeJumps to a designated home page. You can specify a home page in your project file by clicking Add/Modify Window Definitions (ms670074.sb_adm(en-us,VS.85).gif), clicking the Files tab, and then typing a file name in the Home box.
PrintIf you are on the Contents tab, provides options to print pages, headings, and subtopics, or the entire table of contents. If you are on the Index or Search tab, it opens the Print dialog box to print the current topic.
OptionsOpens a menu list that contains Home, Show, Back, Stop, Refresh, Print, Search Highlight On/Off, and Internet Options commands. All buttons that you add to your help windows will be listed on this menu. This enables accessibility shortcut keys for each command. The Internet Options and Search Highlight On/Off commands are only available on the Options menu. The Internet Options command opens the Internet Explorer Internet Options dialog box allowing quick access to accessibility and other features. The Search Highlight On/Off command turns on or off highlighting for search terms.
Jump 1Jumps to an author-designated Web page or help topic. You can add a Jump button to link to an important topic in your help system, or to a page on the Web. If you are linking to a file in your help system, and the file is located in the same directory as your project (.hhp) file, you only need to include the name of the file. If you are linking to the Web, you need to provide a complete URL including the HTTP part of the address.
Jump 2Jumps to an author-designated Web page or help topic.


Note  The default Back and Forward buttons are predefined to give you the same functionality they have in Microsoft Internet Explorer. They do not provide an author-defined browse sequence.

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