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Microsoft.Web.Management.Server Namespace

IIS 7.0

The Microsoft.Web.Management.Server API implements the server portion of a management feature in IIS Manager.

All implementations of IIS Manager will use at least the following two classes:

  • The ModuleService class is the base class for implementing new management modules. A derived ModuleService class contains all the program logic for the management module.

  • The ModuleProvider class is the base class for implementing new module providers. The module providers supply information about a management module.

Public classAdministrationModuleEncapsulates information about a specific administration module.
Public classAdministrationModuleCollectionRepresents a collection of administration modules.
Public classAdministrationModuleProviderEncapsulates information about the administration module provider.
Public classApplicationManagementUnitEncapsulates contextual information about the application being managed.
Public classConfigurationAuthenticationModuleServiceProvides the base class for implementing new management modules for configuration authentication.
Public classConfigurationModuleProviderManages delegation in the configuration system for one configuration section.
Public classDelegationStateStores the delegation mode and the localized display strings for the delegation mode.
Public classManagementAdministrationConfigurationProvides access to the Administration.config file.
Public classManagementAuthenticationProvides functionality for managing the list of valid IIS Manager users.
Public classManagementAuthenticationProviderWhen overridden in a derived class, provides authentication functionality for IIS Manager.
Public classManagementAuthorizationProvides functionality for managing the authorization list for a specific site or application.
Public classManagementAuthorizationInfoEncapsulates information about an authorized user.
Public classManagementAuthorizationInfoCollectionContains a collection of Microsoft.Web.Management.Server..::..ManagementAuthorizationInfo objects.
Public classManagementAuthorizationProviderWhen overridden in a derived class, provides a base class that enables custom authorization.
Public classManagementConfigurationRepresents management configuration information and provides a method to retrieve configuration sections.
Public classManagementConfigurationPathDefines a container for the configuration path of the current server, Web site, application, file, or folder. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classManagementContentNavigatorProvides access to the content (files and virtual directories) in a Web site or Web application. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classManagementFrameworkVersionProvides a container for .NET Framework version information.
Public classManagementUnitEncapsulates contextual information about the management unit currently being managed during the execution of a Web service method on a module service.
Public classManagementUserInfoEncapsulates information about an IIS Manager user.
Public classManagementUserInfoCollectionRepresents a collection of IIS Manager users.
Public classModuleDefinitionEncapsulates information about a specific management module, such as its name, associated service type, and the assembly that contains the module.
Public classModuleInfoEncapsulates information about a specific management module that is sent to the client, such as its name, associated service URL, and the assembly that contains the module.
Public classModuleProviderProvides the base class for implementing management module providers.
Public classModuleServiceProvides the base class for implementing new management modules (IIS Manager extensions). 
Public classModuleServiceMethodAttributeMarks a method on a ModuleService object as directly callable by the client.
Public classPropertyBagProvides an IDictionary interface to pass a collection of key/value pair variables to IIS Manager.
Public classServerManagementUnitEncapsulates contextual information about the server being managed.
Public classSimpleDelegatedModuleProviderProvides a base class for simple read-only, read/write, and nondelegated delegation semantics.
Public classSiteManagementUnitEncapsulates contextual information about the site being managed.
Public classTypeInformationGeneratorForms the base class for the remotable type information generator.
Public classWebManagementEventLogEnables information to be written to the Windows event log.
Public classWebManagementServiceExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when IIS Manager is unable to perform a requested operation.
Public classWebManagementServiceHandlerHandles HTTP requests that are related to Web administration.

Public interfaceIAuthenticationModuleServiceDetermines whether an authentication module service is enabled.
Public interfaceIGlobalConfigurationProviderWhen implemented in a derived class, enables customization of the location of server-level configuration files.
Public interfaceIManagementContextProvides information about the client.
Public interfaceISiteStatusProviderDefines the interface that a class must implement to act as a site status provider.

Public enumerationConfigurationPathTypeSpecifies the type of configuration path that is selected.
Public enumerationInvalidPasswordReasonSpecifies the reason why password validation failed.
Public enumerationManagementScopeDefines the management units that the .NET Framework supports.

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