To add a keyword to an index file

  1. Open an index (.hhk) file, and then click Insert a Keyword.

    Adds a keyword to an index with its associated keyword name, file, URL, and destination information.


  2. In the Keyword box, type a keyword, and then click Add.
  3. In the Project file list, click a project file.
  4. In the HTML titles list, click the title you want to associate with the keyword or, in the File or URL box, type the path for the file, and then click OK.
  5. If you have specified any information types and want to add them to this entry, in the Available information types box, click the information type for the keyword.
  6. If you want to jump to another location if the first location you specify is not available, in the Alternate URL box, enter another location for the keyword.


  • You can move a keyword up or down, left or right, by clicking the Move Arrows.

    Moves the selection up, down, left, or right.


  • You can use an unlimited number of index levels.

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