ASP.NET Tools 

.NET Framework 3.0

The Windows® Software Development Kit (SDK) includes several tools you can use when developing ASP.NET Web sites.

  • ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool (Aspnet_regiis.exe)   Allows an administrator or installation program to easily update the script maps for an ASP.NET application to point to the ASP.NET ISAPI version associated with the tool. The tool can also be used to display the status of all installed versions of ASP. NET, register the ASP.NET version coupled with the tool, create client-script directories, and perform other configuration operations.

  • MMC Snap-In for ASP.NET

In addition to these ASP.NET-specific tools, the Windows SDK also provides tools that are useful for all types of .NET Framework applications, along with tools that are specialized for other application types such as Windows Forms applications. For descriptions of these tools, see the following topics:

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