Windows Forms Class Library 

.NET Framework 3.0

The Windows SDK class library includes a subset of namespaces that allow you to create Windows Forms applications, components, and controls. The following sections describe the key namespaces provided for Windows Forms development. To browse the entire Windows SDK class library, see Class Library.

Application Development

  • System.Windows.Forms – contains classes for creating Windows-based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows operating system. In this namespace you will find the Form class and many other controls that can be added to forms to create user interfaces.

Control and Component Development

  • System.ComponentModel – provides classes that are used to implement the run-time and design-time behavior of components and controls. This namespace includes the base classes and interfaces for implementing attributes, working with type converters, binding to data sources, and licensing components.

  • System.Windows.Forms.Design – Contains classes that support design-time configuration and behavior for Windows Forms components. These classes consist of Designer classes that provide support for Windows Forms components, a set of design time services, UITypeEditor classes for configuring certain types of properties, and classes for importing ActiveX controls.

Graphics and Drawing

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