IControlPanel Interface
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IControlPanel Interface

IIS 7.0

Provides functionality for managing the list of features available in the connection.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Management.Client
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Management (in Microsoft.Web.Management.dll)

public interface IControlPanel

The IControlPanel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCategorizationsGets the collection of categories that have been registered for the Home page of a connection in IIS Manager.
Public propertyControlPanelPageGets the ModulePageInfo object that represents the Home page of a connection in IIS Manager.
Public propertyPagesGets the collection of items registered by a specific module.

Public methodGetCategoriesRetrieves the set of categories that are registered for the specified category type.
Public methodGetCategoryRetrieves the Home page category of the feature that is associated with the specified category string.
Public methodGetPageRetrieves the feature that has the specified type.
Public methodGetPages(Module)Retrieves the collection of features that are registered in the specified module.
Public methodGetPages(String, String)Retrieves the collection of features that are registered in the specified category.
Public methodRegisterCategoryRegisters a new category of features in the Home page.
Public methodRegisterHomepageRegisters the Home page that is associated with the connection.
Public methodRegisterPage(ModulePageInfo)Registers a new feature with the Home page without categorizing it.
Public methodRegisterPage(String, ModulePageInfo)Registers a new item in a Home page category.

The IControlPanel interface exposes all the methods required to interact with the Home page of each connection object in IIS Manager. These methods enable you to perform such actions as registering pages, adding new categories, and getting the list of pages.

The IControlPanel methods and properties are scoped to a single connection. A module should use this interface at initialization to register features for display in the connection's Home page.

The following example registers a feature in the Home page for a connection.

internal class DemoModule :
    Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Module {

    protected override void Initialize(
        IServiceProvider serviceProvider,
        ModuleInfo moduleInfo) {
        base.Initialize(serviceProvider, moduleInfo);
        IControlPanel cp =
        ModulePageInfo modulePageInfo = new ModulePageInfo(
            "My Page Title 4",
            "My Page Description 4",
            rLoadImg.loadImgs("rSmall.bmp"),   // small image
            rLoadImg.loadImgs("rLarge.bmp"),  // large image
            "My Page long description 4"     // long description


        // Register the Category as
        // Application Development
        string s = 
        cp.RegisterPage(s, modulePageInfo);

        // Register the Area as IIS
        s = ControlPanelCategoryInfo.Iis;
        cp.RegisterPage(s, modulePageInfo);
      //  cp.RegisterHomepage(modulePageInfo);


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