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Microsoft.Web.Management.Client Namespace

IIS 7.0

The Microsoft.Web.Management.Client namespace contains classes that you can use to develop tools that are displayed in IIS Manager. The most important classes are Connection, ModulePageInfo, Module, and ModuleServiceProxy.

Public classAssemblyDownloadInfoEncapsulates information about the assembly being downloaded.
Public classConnectionRepresents a connection to an application, server, or site.
Public classConnectionActiveStateContains the state of a connection.
Public classConnectionCredentialContains credentials for a connection.
Public classConnectionEventArgsProvides data for events that are derived from the Connection class.
Public classConnectionInfoEncapsulates information about a connection in a serializable form.
Public classConnectionInfoCollectionDefines a collection of registered connections.
Public classControlPanelCategorizationRepresents a category type for items in the IIS Manager workspace.
Public classControlPanelCategoryInfoRepresents a category of items in Features View of the IIS Manager workspace. 
Public classCredentialInfoProvides a container class for user credentials to access system resources.
Public classCredentialInfoEventArgsProvides data for an event handler regarding the acquisition of credentials.
Public classGroupTaskItemProvides a container class for group tasks.
Public classHierarchyCollectionEventArgsProvides data for an event that occurs when child nodes are added to the hierarchy of items in IIS Manager.
Public classHierarchyInfoManages the hierarchy of objects added to a Module derived class.
Public classHierarchyInfoEventArgsProvides data for an event that occurs when the hierarchy of items in IIS Manager is changed.
Public classHierarchyInfoSyncSelectionEventArgsProvides data for an event that occurs when the hierarchy service synchronizes the active page to reflect selection changes in the hierarchy.
Public classHierarchyProviderProvides the base class for extending the tree view in IIS Manager for new nodes or shortcut menus of existing nodes. 
Public classHierarchyRenameEventArgsProvides data for the HierarchyInfo..::..OnRenaming and HierarchyInfo..::..OnRenamed methods. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classHierarchyServiceContains all the members for customizing the tree view in the Connections pane in IIS Manager. 
Public classManagementChannelProvides the base class for remoting channels.
Public classManagementScopePathEncapsulates a management scope path for a server, site, or application. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMessageTaskItemProvides a container for task messages.
Public classModuleProvides the main entry point in the client for all extensibility objects.
Public classModuleHomepageAttributeDetermines whether a specified IModulePage interface is the client's home page. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classModuleListPageFilterProvides a container for filter properties that are applied to a ModuleListPage object.
Public classModuleListPageGroupingDefines a specialized ListView object that can contain subitems.
Public classModuleListPageSearchFieldDefines a container class for search parameters for a ModuleListPage object.
Public classModuleListPageSearchOptionsRetrieves search fields for a module list. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classModulePageIdentifierAttributeAssociates a unique identifier with a module page.
Public classModulePageInfoRepresents a page of user interface for a module.
Public classModuleServiceProxyExposes the functionality of the ModuleService derived class.
Public classNavigationEventArgsProvides data for events that are raised when navigation is performed. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classNavigationItemKeeps track of the feature pages that the client is using. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classPreferencesStoreProvides a container to save and load user preferences.
Public classPropertyGridObjectProvides a container for configuration and display names.
Public classProviderConfigurationSettingsProvides the base class for displaying the provider configuration settings.
Public classTaskItemDefines a base class container for tasks.
Public classTaskListProvides a container class for methods, messages, and properties for use by the IIS Manager extensibility API. 
Public classTaskListCollectionProvides a container class for task list elements.

Public interfaceICertificateVerificationBuilderDefines a certificate verification builder.
Public interfaceIConnectionBuilderDefines a new connection to the host.
Public interfaceIConnectionManagerRepresents a service that manages connections, including active, new, and serialized (favorites) connections. Also performs the logon handshake with the server.
Public interfaceIControlPanelProvides functionality for managing the list of features available in the connection.
Public interfaceICredentialBuilderProvides a dialog box for obtaining user credentials.
Public interfaceIExtensibilityManagerProvides a mechanism for modules to register their functionality with IIS Manager.
Public interfaceIModuleChildPageProvides access to the parent page of a child module page in IIS Manager.
Public interfaceIModulePageProvides properties and methods for developing and managing an IIS Manager extension.
Public interfaceINavigationServiceEnables navigation between different pages in the IIS Manager user interface.
Public interfaceIPreferencesServiceProvides functionality for modules and pages to store preference information.
Public interfaceIPropertyEditingServiceEnables properties of a specified object to be modified.
Public interfaceIPropertyEditingUserProvides update and validation services for objects.
Public interfaceIProviderConfigurationServiceProvides functionality for editing ASP.NET membership provider settings.

Public delegateConnectionEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle changes in connections.
Public delegateHierarchyCollectionEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an event that contains HierarchyCollectionEventArgs data.
Public delegateHierarchyInfoEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an event that contains HierarchyInfoEventArgs data.
Public delegateNavigationEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle navigation events in IIS Manager.

Public enumerationHierarchyPrioritySpecifies the priority for ordering items on a page.
Public enumerationHierarchyVisibilitySpecifies the display mode of nodes in the graphical user interface (GUI) of IIS Manager.
Public enumerationMessageTaskItemTypeSpecifies the message type for task messages.
Public enumerationMethodTaskItemUsagesSpecifies the type of the MethodTaskItem object.
Public enumerationModuleListPageViewModesSpecifies the views in the View drop-down list.

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