Decorator Hierarchy

The following table lists the classes derived from System.Windows.Controls.Decorator .

Class Description
Microsoft.Windows.Themes.ButtonChrome Creates the theme-specific look for Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 Button elements.
Microsoft.Windows.Themes.ClassicBorderDecorator Creates the theme-specific look for Decorator types, for use with the Classic theme.
Microsoft.Windows.Themes.ListBoxChrome Creates the theme-specific look for Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 ListBox elements.
Microsoft.Windows.Themes.SystemDropShadowChrome Creates a theme specific look for drop shadow effects.
System.Windows.Controls.Border Draws a border, background, or both around another element.
System.Windows.Controls.InkPresenter Renders ink on a surface.
System.Windows.Controls.Primitives.BulletDecorator Represents a layout control that aligns a "bullet" and another visual object.
System.Windows.Controls.Viewbox Defines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.
System.Windows.Documents.AdornerDecorator Provides an adorner layer for elements beneath it in the visual tree.

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