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Storyboard::SeekAlignedToLastTick Method (FrameworkElement, TimeSpan, TimeSeekOrigin)

Seeks this Storyboard to a new position immediately (synchronously).

Namespace:  System.Windows.Media.Animation
Assembly:  PresentationFramework (in PresentationFramework.dll)

void SeekAlignedToLastTick(
	FrameworkElement^ containingObject, 
	TimeSpan offset, 
	TimeSeekOrigin origin


Type: System.Windows::FrameworkElement
The object specified when the Begin(FrameworkElement, Boolean) method was called. This object contains the Clock objects that were created for this storyboard and its children.
Type: System::TimeSpan
A positive or negative value that describes the amount by which the timeline should move forward or backward from the specified origin.
Type: System.Windows.Media.Animation::TimeSeekOrigin
The position from which offset is applied.

SeekAlignedToLastTick aligns the seeked time of the Storyboard with the last clock tick. Values are immediately updated to reflect the changes due to SeekAlignedToLastTick, even though the screen does not reflect these changes until the screen updates.

Note that seek operations do not take the storyboard's SpeedRatio or SlipBehavior settings into account. The storyboard is treated as though it has a SpeedRatio of 1 and no SlipBehavior.

This method changes the storyboard clock's CurrentState to


Seeking a storyboard triggers the CurrentGlobalSpeedInvalidated and CurrentStateInvalidated events.

To interactively control this storyboard, you must use the same containingObject parameter when calling the interactive methods that you used to begin the storyboard. A controllable storyboard can pause, resume, seek, stop, and be removed. To make a storyboard controllable in code, you must use the appropriate overload of the storyboard's Begin method and specify true to make it controllable. For an example, see How to: Control a Storyboard After It Starts.

The following example shows both the Seek and SeekAlignedToLastTick methods.

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More Code

How to: Seek a Storyboard SynchronouslyThe following example shows how to use the SeekAlignedToLastTick method of a Storyboard to seek to any position in a storyboard animation synchronously.

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