XpsDocumentWriter.CreateVisualsCollator Method (PrintTicket, PrintTicket)


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Returns a VisualsToXpsDocument that can write Visual objects with PrintTicket settings to an XPS document or print queue.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Xps
Assembly:  System.Printing (in System.Printing.dll)

public override SerializerWriterCollator CreateVisualsCollator(
	PrintTicket documentSequencePrintTicket,
	PrintTicket documentPrintTicket


Type: System.Printing.PrintTicket

A PrintTicket that specifies the default printing preferences for the document sequence.

Type: System.Printing.PrintTicket

A PrintTicket that represents the default printing preferences for each document.

The VisualsToXpsDocument writes to the same target XpsDocument or PrintQueue as the XpsDocumentWriter that creates the VisualsToXpsDocument.

This method does not validate or modify the specified documentPrintTicket for a particular PrintQueue. If necessary, use the MergeAndValidatePrintTicket method to create a PrintTicket that is specific to the PrintQueue and valid for a specified printer.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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