AutomationElementCollection.CopyTo Method (AutomationElement[], Int32)


Copies the collection's elements to a specialized array instance, starting at the specified index in the target array.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Automation
Assembly:  UIAutomationClient (in UIAutomationClient.dll)

public void CopyTo(
	AutomationElement[] array,
	int index


Type: System.Windows.Automation.AutomationElement[]

The destination of the elements copied from the collection.

Type: System.Int32

The zero-based index in the target array where copying should begin.

Exception Condition

The destination array is not large enough, or index is outside the bounds of the array.

The following example shows how to copy an AutomationElementCollection to an array of AutomationElement objects.

// elementCollection is an AutomationElementCollection.
AutomationElement[] elementArray = new AutomationElement[elementCollection.Count];
elementCollection.CopyTo(elementArray, 0);

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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