Floater Constructor (Block, TextPointer)


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Initializes a new instance of the Floater class with the specified Block object as its initial content, and a TextPointer that specifies an insertion position for the new Floater.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Documents
Assembly:  PresentationFramework (in PresentationFramework.dll)

public Floater(
	Block childBlock,
	TextPointer insertionPosition


Type: System.Windows.Documents.Block

The initial content of the new Floater. This parameter can be null, in which case no Block is inserted.

Type: System.Windows.Documents.TextPointer

The position at which to insert the Floater element after it is created.

The following example demonstrates how to use this constructor.

Span spanx = new Span();
Paragraph parx = new Paragraph(new Run("Floater content..."));

// This will populate the Floater with the Paragraph parx, and insert
// the Floater at the beginning of the Span spanx.
Floater flotx = new Floater(parx, spanx.ContentStart);

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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