AddFont Method (Boolean)
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IXpsFixedPageWriter.AddFont Method (Boolean)


Adds a new obfuscated XpsFont to the current page.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Xps.Packaging
Assembly:  ReachFramework (in ReachFramework.dll)

XpsFont AddFont(
	bool obfuscate


Type: System.Boolean

true to obfuscate the font; otherwise, false.

Return Value

Type: System.Windows.Xps.Packaging.XpsFont

The new font resource that was added.

Exception Condition

Dispose has been called.

AddFont adds a new XpsFont with optional obfuscation to the document package and associates it with the current FixedPage.

Set the obfuscate parameter to true when you are legally obligated to obfuscate a licensed proprietary font. While obfuscation does not encrypt the font, it inhibits unzipping proprietary fonts and installing them separately for other uses.

For more information about font obfuscation, see Section "Embedded Font Obfuscation" in the XML Paper Specification (XPS) available for download at

The following example shows how to use the AddFont method in order to add a font resource to a page.

// -------------------------- AddPageResources ----------------------------
private Dictionary<string, List<XpsResource>>
        AddPageResources(IXpsFixedPageWriter fixedPageWriter)
    // Collection of all resources for this page.
    //   Key: "XpsImage", "XpsFont"
    //   Value: List of XpsImage or XpsFont
    Dictionary<string, List<XpsResource>> resources =
        new Dictionary<string, List<XpsResource>>();

    // Collections of images and fonts used in the current page.
    List<XpsResource> xpsImages = new List<XpsResource>();
    List<XpsResource> xpsFonts  = new List<XpsResource>();

        XpsImage xpsImage;
        XpsFont  xpsFont;

        // Add, Write, and Commit image1 to the current page.
        xpsImage = fixedPageWriter.AddImage(XpsImageType.JpegImageType);
        WriteToStream(xpsImage.GetStream(), image1);
        xpsImages.Add(xpsImage);    // Add image1 as a required resource.

        // Add, Write, and Commit font 1 to the current page.
        xpsFont = fixedPageWriter.AddFont();
            xpsFont.Uri.ToString(), xpsFont.GetStream(), font1);
        xpsFonts.Add(xpsFont);      // Add font1 as a required resource.

        // Add, Write, and Commit image2 to the current page.
        xpsImage = fixedPageWriter.AddImage(XpsImageType.TiffImageType);
        WriteToStream(xpsImage.GetStream(), image2);
        xpsImages.Add(xpsImage);    // Add image2 as a required resource.

        // Add, Write, and Commit font2 to the current page.
        xpsFont = fixedPageWriter.AddFont(false);
        WriteToStream(xpsFont.GetStream(), font2);
        xpsFonts.Add(xpsFont);      // Add font2 as a required resource.

        // Return the image and font resources in a combined collection.
        resources.Add("XpsImage", xpsImages);
        resources.Add("XpsFont", xpsFonts);
        return resources;
    catch (XpsPackagingException xpsException)
        throw xpsException;
}// end:AddPageResources()

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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