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System.Windows.Automation.Text Namespace

Contains enumerations that specify text formatting and related behavior for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) UI automation.

Public classTextPatternRangeRepresents a span of continuous text in a TextPattern container.

Public enumerationAnimationStyleRepresents values for AnimationStyleAttribute.
Public enumerationBulletStyleValues for BulletStyleAttribute.
Public enumerationCapStyleRepresents values for CapStyleAttribute.
Public enumerationFlowDirectionsValues for TextFlowDirectionsAttribute.
Public enumerationHorizontalTextAlignmentValues for HorizontalTextAlignmentAttribute
Public enumerationOutlineStylesValues for OutlineStylesAttribute.
Public enumerationTextDecorationLineStyleValues for UnderlineStyleAttribute.
Public enumerationTextPatternRangeEndpointAllows the endpoints to be identified when calling methods of TextPatternRange. Each TextPatternRange has two endpoints (Start and End).
Public enumerationTextUnitRepresents pre-defined units of text for the purposes of navigation within a document.

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