Load Method (Stream, Boolean)
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InkAnalyzer.Load Method (Stream, Boolean)

Loads saved analysis results into the InkAnalyzer.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: IAWinFX (in iawinfx.dll)

public bool Load (
	Stream stream,
	bool doNotAutoAddStrokes
public boolean Load (
	Stream stream, 
	boolean doNotAutoAddStrokes
public function Load (
	stream : Stream, 
	doNotAutoAddStrokes : boolean
) : boolean
Not applicable.



A stream that contains the saved analysis results.


true to exclude strokes that were not previously added to an InkAnalyzer; otherwise, false.

Return Value

true if the analysis results loaded successfully; otherwise, false.

In other layers of ink analysis, such as the Windows Forms layer, the ink analyzer can save strokes that are not added to it. If doNotAutoAddStrokes is true, the InkAnalyzer ignores the strokes that were not added to an ink analyzer when the strokes were saved.


The InkAnalyzer that ships with the Windows Presentation Foundation does not save strokes that are not added to the InkAnalyzer. When the ink is saved by the System.Windows.Ink.InkAnalyzer, doNotAutoAddStroke does not affect the behavior of the Load(Stream,Boolean) method

When the InkAnalyzer adds a ContextNode from the saved results, it assigns a new globally unique identifier (GUID) to the ContextNode object's Id property.

This method appends the saved analysis results to existing results. To ensure that the combined results are ordered correctly, add the area containing the loaded context nodes to the ink analyzer's DirtyRegion and reanalyze the ink.

If a saved analysis hint conflicts with an existing analysis hint, the InkAnalyzer does not load the saved hint but loads the rest of the saved results. However, if saved stroke data is within the area of a saved analysis hint that is not loaded, InkAnalyzer adds the bounding box of the stroke to the analyzer's DirtyRegion. If saved stroke data is within an existing analysis hint's area, the analyzer also adds the bounding box of the stroke to the analyzer's DirtyRegion. For more information about analysis hints, see AnalysisHintNode.

The InkAnalyzer raises the ContextNodeCreated, ContextNodeLinkAdding, and ContextNodePropertiesUpdated events as it loads the saved results.

This example loads saved analysis results from a MemoryStream, theSavedResults, into the InkAnalyzer, theInkAnalyzer.

// Load previously saved analysis results, but do not load
// associated ink data.
successful = this.theInkAnalyzer.Load(theSavedResults, true);

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