ArcSegment Constructor (Point, Size, Double, Boolean, SweepDirection, Boolean)


Initializes a new instance of the ArcSegment class.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Media
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

public ArcSegment(
	Point point,
	Size size,
	double rotationAngle,
	bool isLargeArc,
	SweepDirection sweepDirection,
	bool isStroked


Type: System.Windows.Point

The destination point of the arc; the start point of the arc is defined as the current point of the PathFigure to which the ArcSegment is added.

Type: System.Windows.Size

The x- and y-radius of the arc. The x-radius is specified by the Size structure's Width property, and the y-radius is specified by the Size structure's Height property.

Type: System.Double

The x-axis rotation of the ellipse.

Type: System.Boolean

Whether the arc should be greater than 180 degrees.

Type: System.Windows.Media.SweepDirection

Set to Clockwise to draw the arc in a positive angle direction; set to Counterclockwise to draw the arc in a negative angle direction.

Type: System.Boolean

Set to true to stroke the arc when a Pen is used to render the segment; otherwise, false.

The ArcSegment class defines only the destination point of the arc it represents; the beginning point of the arc is the current point of the PathFigure, to which the ArcSegment is added.

For most elliptical arcs of a particular position, size, and rotation, there are four different arcs that can be drawn; the largeArc and sweepDirection parameters indicate which arc to use.

Of the four candidate arc sweeps, two represent large arcs with sweeps of 180 degrees or greater, and two represent smaller arcs with sweeps 180 degrees or less. If largeArc is true, then one of the two larger arc sweeps is chosen; otherwise, if largeArc is false, one of the smaller arc sweeps is chosen.

If sweepDirection is Clockwise, the arc is drawn in a positive-angle direction. If sweepDirection is Counterclockwise, the arc is drawn in a negative-angle direction.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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