System.ServiceModel.PeerResolvers Namespace

Public classCustomPeerResolverService 
Public classPeerCustomResolverSettings 
Public classPeerResolverSettingsDefines the settings for a peer resolver service.
Public classRefreshInfo 
Public classRefreshResponseInfo 
Public classRegisterInfo 
Public classRegisterResponseInfo 
Public classResolveInfoDefines the information for the endpoint resolution of a registration entry by a peer resolver service.
Public classResolveResponseInfoContains response information returned as a result of a peer endpoint resolution operation on the peer resolver.
Public classServiceSettingsResponseInfo 
Public classUnregisterInfoContains the information used to remove a registration entry from a peer resolver service.
Public classUpdateInfoContains the information used to update the endpoint address of a specific registration entry in the lookup table of a peer resolver service.

Public interfaceIPeerResolverContract 

Public enumerationPeerReferralPolicySpecifies the policy on sharing referrals between peers.
Public enumerationPeerResolverModeDetermines the type of peer resolver being used.
Public enumerationRefreshResult 

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